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3D Game Engine written in C with scripting in OCaml. OpenGL and Metal renderer backends.

Closed source but examples can be shown upon request


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Rust implementation of the OSDP specification.

ocaml-bindgen (contributor)

Automatically generates OCaml FFI bindings and C shim code to C/C++ libraries


(WIP) Lightweight messenging protocol + server & client


ML-inspired programming language. Compiler written in OCaml.

Ventus (codename)

3D Action Adventure RPG

Early production

Genie (+ Djinn)

A simple, functional style GUI framework written in OCaml with a immediate mode drawing API (Djinn) written in C


Minimal self-hosted video sharing webapp

Currently being rewritten in Rust + HTMX

Celeritas (Old)

3D Game Engine in Zig.

These are a few of the more organised projects I've worked on in my spare time.