Semper progrediens, numquam respiciens
always moving forwards, never looking back

Hello, I'm a human. ... Are you?

Nah but legit, my interests include programming of basically any kind, including but not limited to: game engines, distributed systems, performance optimisation, compilers, and more.
I have worked professionally with Rust, C, and TypeScript, alongside tools such as Docker, SQLite, PostgreSQL, React, and more.

Currently I'm mostly learning about 3D graphics and optimising for performance. This blog will act as a way to journal about my autodidactic journey

Outside of programming, I'm also interested in Table Tennis, language learning (Japanese, Mandarin), renewable energy, electronics, and more.

Fun Facts

Table Tennis Setup: Viscaria + Hurricane 3 40deg + Bluegrip C2
Favourite anime: Legends of the Galactic Heroes, Steins Gate, Fairy Tail
I've never tried an energy drink before